Redistricting in Maine

Publication date: 
August 2021

Redistricting is a critial next step in the Census process. These materials and the recording included here came from our August 10, 2021 Funder Briefing on the redistricting process.

Session Recording

Session Notes

FCCP Resources 

Other Resources 

  • Factsheets & Guidance
  • The Redistricting Process & Private Foundations
  • Gerrymandering & Equity
  • Gerrymandering & the Environment 
  • Quarterly Funder Briefings (September 23 at 3pm ET)  

All About Redistricting:

  • One-stop shop that includes historical information about redistricting
  • Tracks the rules, progress, and litigation for each state

Redistricting Data Hub:

  • Website that hosts data for all fifty states, including precinct shape files, historic election results, demographic data, and population projections
  • Data analysis tools

US Census Bureau Data:

The 1A (podcast): The Final Count: Unpacking The 2020 Census Data: