Public Policy

MPC feels strongly that there is great value in funders being engaged in public policy on the state and national levels.

In 2014 MPC convened a Public Policy Task Team charged with developing recommendations for how MPC can best support and enhance the public policy work of our philanthropic network. Read more about the task team and their resulting report. In 2017, the Public Policy Committee for Maine's Philanthropic Network was officially launched. This committee is responsible for enhancing and implementing the recommendations outlined in the 2015 Public Policy - A Path to Greater Impact report

MPC policy and issue priorities are guided by three strategic priorities:

  • Advance reforms toward a more equitable sector. MPC is positioned to lead on transforming philanthropic governance structures and practices to be more equitable.
  • Advocate alongside the nonprofit community to address emerging opportunities and threats to the vibrancy of the sector. We advance this strategic priority by partnering with our nonprofit community and Maine Association of Nonprofits to address state policy and funder practices that improve the flow of resources and the ability of the nonprofit and funder community to deliver effective and timely services to their communities.
  • Advocate for equitable access to state and federal resources for historically excluded communities and a vibrant and accessible democracy for all. As representatives of philanthropy, we care deeply about the flow of resources within our state. We recognize that we can only do so much with our philanthropic dollars so we much leverage state and federal resources to build capacity in communities that need it the most.

Policy Positions

Maine Philanthropy Center supports the Charitable Act

Maine Philanthropy Center urges our members to join United Philanthropy Forum’s Philanthropy Day of Action on October 4, 2023, in support of the Charitable Act (S. 566/H.R. 3435). This unique opportunity presents a chance for us to lend our voice to an issue that directly impacts our work as a sector and the communities we serve.

Charitable giving dropped 10.5 percent in 2022, only the fourth time donations have fallen since 1956. Additionally, charitable giving as a share of personal disposable income dropped to 1.7 percent – a near 30-year low.

Learn more about our position and how to act here. 


Maine Philanthropy Center supports tribal sovereignty.

Maine Philanthropy Center (MPC), a statewide organization committed to advancing the effectiveness of philanthropy in Maine and its ability to make a meaningful difference, stands with the tribal nations in Maine and expresses our unwavering support for both recognizing the inherent sovereignty of the Wabanaki nations and restoring the same rights, privileges, and immunities as all other 570 federally-recognized tribes across the country.

Learn more about our position here.

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