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Demographic Data and Equity

At MPC, equity is at the center of everything we do. In response to national and local conversations around equity, demographic data collection, and disparities in funding for organizations led by, founded by, and primarily serving historically marginalized communities, we have added optional, self-selected fields to all membership forms. These fields (excluding “None of the above”, “Don’t know/We do not collect this information”, and “Prefer not to answer”) will be available as filter options in our public Member Directory. We hope this filter will allow funders to discover nonprofits outside their typical network and support nonprofits in finding similar organizations for collaboration. Learn more about this initiative.

We have done much research and collaborated with many community partners to create this system of data collection. However, we welcome your thoughts and ideas to continually improve this process. We are aware that these options are incomplete and are updating them to be in line with Candid's Populations in 2024. Please send us feedback or questions about this initiative at

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 *The term Person/People of Color includes Asian, Black, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, multi-racial, Hispanic/Latinx and/or other non-white populations

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Reduced Cost Membership

MPC has a pool of funds to support organizations that would not be able to maintain membership without help. Because funds are limited, we hope that those who can pay full membership will choose to do so. This will allow those who truly need the support to access it.

To utilize these funds and reduce your membership fee by half, use discount code MEMBER50 below.

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