What We Do


Maine Philanthropy Center's mission is to provide opportunity, leadership, and support to advance the effectiveness of philanthropy in Maine and its ability to make a meaningful difference.


We collaborate to create a vibrant, just, and equitable Maine.

A vibrant, just, and equitable Maine is built upon the acknowledgment of the deep, rich history and contributions of the Wabanaki peoples and works to be in a restorative relationship with Indigenous communities and the earth – so that the natural environment is stewarded sustainably and with care. It is a state that promotes and secures the health and wellbeing of all Maine people. In this Maine, all people are ensured, under the law and in practice, equal rights, protections, opportunities, and access to the resources they need regardless of race, gender identity and expression, age, ability, socio economic level, immigration status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Our community

We are foundations (corporate, private, public, family, and community), nonprofits, individuals, and other philanthropic practitioners. Maine is the epicenter of our work and we come together to build relationships, deepen knowledge, and move resources. Our diverse membership is our strength; allowing us to facilitate cross-sector collaboration, create shared understanding, dismantle ineffective silos, and shift power to ensure that Maine is a leader in advancing equity.

Our values and approach

Equity is at the center of everything we do. It is a core value and underpins our values of learning, relationships, and leadership. Additionally, equity is the foundation of the informed approach we take as we use data, research, and information to do our work.

Our strategies

Advance Learning: As a learning organization we commit to build the capacity of the sector through ongoing and relevant education. Learning is how we grow as a philanthropic community to become the most effective we can be.

Build Community: We believe effective change is best achieved with networked organizations that encompass the rich diversity and experiences of Mainers, so we create opportunities for those engaged in social impact work to connect, collaborate, and advance more equitable power structures.

Model Leadership: We are a statewide organization connected to national nonprofit and philanthropic conversations and as such are in a unique position of privilege. We are committed to using this to introduce and elevate important topics and resources to our sector—especially those relating to equity, inclusion, and justice.

Strengthen Advocacy: Policy and issue advocacy are critical to making Maine a more equitable state. MPC strives to lead our sector to harness its collective power in advocacy, allowing transformational change for the community. Informed policy change solves the problems philanthropy addresses.

Our impact

If we do our work well, our community is more informed, more connected, more equitable, and more resourced – leading to a vibrant, just, and equitable Maine.

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History of Maine Philanthropy Center

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