Philanthropy Day of Action for the Charitable Act

Maine Philanthropy Center urges our members to join United Philanthropy Forum’s Philanthropy Day of Action on October 4, 2023, in support of the Charitable Act (S. 566/H.R. 3435). This unique opportunity presents a chance for us to lend our voice to an issue that directly impacts our work as a sector and the communities we serve.

Charitable giving dropped 10.5 percent in 2022, only the fourth time donations have fallen since 1956. Additionally, charitable giving as a share of personal disposable income dropped to 1.7 percent – a near 30-year low.

Participate in the Philanthropy Day of Action

On October 4th, advocate in support of the Charitable Act by calling, writing, or posting on social media to ask your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the bill.

The Forum’s Advocate Action Center can be used to send a pre-written email to your lawmakers in less than five minutes. If your legislators already co-sponsored the bill, thank them on social media and urge them to ask their colleagues to join them as a co-sponsor, using the hashtags #PhilanthropyDayOfAction and #CharitableAct

More ways to engage

  • Use the Forum’s Day of Action Resource Kit to help you reach to lawmakers via social media on October 4th.
  • Consider writing an op-ed for your local newspaper about why your legislator should support this bill.
  • If you’ve already asked your lawmakers to support the Charitable Act, follow up to confirm their commitment. Join

Join Maine Philanthropy Center and the broader philanthropic sector in collectively calling on Congress to make the universal charitable deduction a reality!

*For private foundations, advocacy and lobbying activities in support of the universal charitable deduction falls under the self-defense exception. Private foundations may participate in direct lobbying activities for this legislation and other legislation designed to protect the charitable deduction.

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