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Courageous Philanthropy and Risk-Taking

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 -
10:00am to 3:00pm EST
Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine
Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine - 1342 Congress Street, Portland
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Members: $165.00
Non-members: $195.00
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What does courageous philanthropy look like in Maine?

What courageous things are you and your organization doing – and where might you be shying away from taking the risks needed to really make a difference?

What's working in your efforts to do good, and what's not going so well?

Join us this February for a funders-only exploration of courageous philanthropy. Come to learn what your peers are doing, share ideas and insights that emerge out of your own work, and consider how Maine funders might work together to bolster effectiveness and impact.

Often, courageous actions emerge out of the Art of Risk-Taking. So we'll begin the day by spending the morning with Caitie Whelan, author of The Lightning Notes. As Caitie helps us examine our relationships with risk, she'll provide practical tools that will help you and your organization:

  1. take smart risks consistent with your values.
  2. develop strategies to tackle the impediments – both personal and organizational – that promote a reluctance to take risks.
  3. establish self-care practices and organizational cultures that reduce stress and burnout and increase risk-taking capacity.

Risk tends to be evaluated within the relative frameworks of "success" and "desired outcomes." But how do you and your organization think about it?  Do you assess the risks of not acting, or consider the benefits that might accompany "failure"? Would things be any different if you did?

After a morning of investigating  the art of risk-taking, we'll be ready to delve into afternoon conversation about our own Courageous Philanthropy. We can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things that everyone is doing!

About the Presenter

Photo of Caitie Whelan

Caitie Whelan is the founder and official noter-in-chief of The Lightning Notes, a short daily post to help move the world forward. Caitie was a big hit when she led a filled-to-capacity Courage breakout session at the 2018 Philanthropy Partners Conference.


    What People Say About Caitie

    Participants in Caitie's 2018 Philanthropy Partners Conference workshop commented enthusiastically about the experience:

    • "Inspiring and exceptionally thoughtful."
    • "This was a fantastic session! Well designed, filled with different ways for participants to connect with and learn from the presenter and the data/ideas."
    • "Loved Caitie's energy and engagement."
    • "Caitie's self-awareness of her privilege and her openness to other perspectives was inspiring."
    • "I would highly recommend Caitie as a keynote for session speaker at just about any conference."
    • "I learned a lot from Caitie in terms of overcoming fear and not being afraid to take risks. Challenges will always be there, but we have to learn how to overcome them." 

    Our event cancellation and refund policies may be accessed HERE. If we cannot hold this event due to weather-related reasons (including if the Jewish Community Alliance decides to close for the day), we will work with Caitie Whelan to reschedule it for another date.

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