2014 Philanthropy Partners Conference

Maine Philanthropy Center was proud to host the 2014 Philanthropy Partners Conference with 356 attendees, featuring 57 panelists comprised of 34 nonprofits, 17 grantmakers, 4 nonprofit consultants, and 2 government officials, a keynote presentation by Heather Peeler, Vice President of Member and Partner Engagement at Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, and energizing conversations among old friends and new colleagues. Learn more about conference breakout sessions and presenters.


MPC President Barbara Edmond's Opening and Closing Remarks
"Cracking the Network Code" Keynote Address by Heather Peeler
Craig Freshley's Summary of the Day

Session Handouts

Building Capacity for Community Impact:

Bethel Area Nonprofit Collaborative Member Organizations
Bethel Area Nonprofit Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding

Breaking out of Business-as-Usual: Strategies for Innovation:

Broad Reach Fund Informational Sheet
C.F. Adams Charitable Trust Information Sheet
Cobscook Community Learning Center Spring-Summer 2014
Common Good Ventures 2012 Annual Report
Slim Peace Information Sheet
The Center for Wisdom's Women Information Sheet

Impact Through Advocacy: Public Policy to Make Change:

Impact Through Advocacy Sheet

Are We Really Ready? Preparing for the Impact of Leadership Transitions:

Leadership Transition Planning

You Think You're Not Working in Aging? Think Again

Saco's Age Friendly Community Assessment

Working Across Lines of Difference: Integrating Diversity and Inclusion to Strengthen Our Impact:

A Diverse Maine Few Know


The Juggler

How many balls can you keep in the air? This piece was written and performed by Mark Swann. In addition to juggler extraordinaire, Mark Swann is the Executive Director of Preble Street in Portland, Maine. Preble Street is an organization that works to create solutions for homelessness, hunger and poverty. The Juggler is a film produced in 2013 as part of a bigger project for the Maine Philanthropy Center.

Tico Tico for Four Hands

Teamwork makes beautiful music in this performance from the Brazilian Music Institute. The  "Duo Siqueira Lima - FERNANDO (Brazil) & CECILIA (Uruguay) are featured at the University of Florida in 2009 performing Tico Tico no Fubá (Zequinha de Abreu).  In this video Fernando and Cecilia created an original and unique process of hand exchange by re-arranging the famous Brazilian song Tico Tico no Fuba by the Brazilian composer Zequinha de Abreu (1880-1935). 

Ferrari Pit Stop Perfection

Watch poetry in motion and the magic of synergy when this Ferrari pit crew at the 2013 Melbourne Formula 1 races changes all four tires in a matter of seconds. 

Casteller - Human Towers

The ultimate collaboration--the higher and more difficult the tower is, the more points the team wins. These  human towers, between six and ten levels high, are made of between 100 to 500 women and men. Young and light members form the top of the tower while heavier members form the base. The “castells” have also been one of the most important cultural traditions in Catalonia for more than 200 years. “Strength, balance, courage and common sense” is their motto.

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