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April 2023

Maine Philanthropy Center Listservs – Frequently Asked Questions

Maine Philanthropy Center hosts several listservs to allow for easy communication between groups of people in our community, such as funder and nonprofit networks, committees, or working groups. Below are some FAQs for how to use our listservs. MPC’s full listserv policy is available for download below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Emilie Jensen at

Why am I receiving emails from a listserv?
Participants in MPC’s Networks that use an MPC listserv are automatically added to the list as a way for Network members to connect with each other. If you attend a Network meeting, you will be added to the listserv unless you request not to be included.

How do I sign up for an MPC listserv?
Listserv subscriptions are currently handled by MPC staff. If you attend a meeting for a group that has a listserv, you will automatically be added to the list. Otherwise, please email Emilie at to subscribe to a list. Please note that some lists are restricted.

How do I send an email to the group once I am subscribed?
Simply send an email to the listserv address, [ListName], and your email will be sent to the entire list. Please contact Emilie at if you need the listserv address.

How do I unsubscribe from the listserv?
Send any message to [ListName] These instructions are also included at the bottom of every email sent to the list. Please keep in mind that you will no longer receive updates from the group if you unsubscribe from the listserv.

What groups currently have an MPC listserv?

  • Arts and Culture Funder Network
  • BIPOC Funders in Maine
  • Community Advisory Committee
  • Corporate Funders
  • Funders for Indigenous Communities
  • Grant Managers Network
  • Immigrant and Refugee Funders Collaborative
  • Lewiston/Auburn Funders Network
  • Maine Climate & Environmental Funders Network
  • Maine Community-Centric Fundraising
  • Maine Food Funders Network
  • New to Philanthropy Network

MPC’s full listserv policy is available for download below.

We ask that listserv communications follow MPC’s Community Agreements. If there is a violation, please contact Sarah Lentz by email at as soon as possible.

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