Community Agreements

Publication date: 
March 2022

Maine Philanthropy Center values its community members' diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. We recognize and value that members hold a wide range of personal beliefs, values, and commitments, and ask anyone participating in our programming to honor the agreements below. If there is a violation, please contact Sarah Lentz by email at as soon as possible. Maine Philanthropy Center will address any issues to promote positive participation during future programs.

Be Curious: Ask questions to understand. Try on new ideas.
Be Bold: Abandon perfection. Take risks with your thoughts.
Connect: Reach out to others. Continue conversations after the program.
Step Up. Step Back: Allow all voices to be heard. Invite others in. Amplify marginalized voices.
Name Impact: No matter your intent, be accountable for your impact.
Acknowledge Positionality: Be aware of your identities and privilege.
Maintain Confidentiality: Share themes and ideas, not someone else's story.
Right to Pass: Say “I pass” if you do not wish to speak.
Examine Defensiveness: Reflect on any defensiveness that arises.

Take Care: Be kind to yourself and each other. Take breaks. Water and de-water. Move your body.
Listen Longer: Be present. Try to avoid planning what you will say as you listen to others.

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