Intercultural Community Center

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
As we continue to highlight the incredible work of our members, this month we are highlighting the Intercultural Community Center (ICC). We encourage you to explore the work of ICC by visiting their website to explore their services, programs, and resources or following them on Facebook or Instagram.


Organization: Intercultural Community Center

Mission: ICC seeks to empower immigrant families in their journey to becoming self-sufficient, productive and resilient citizens.

Programs: The Intercultural Community Center (ICC) supports and improves the lives of immigrants and refugees by providing educational, health, social opportunities and resources. ICC empowers hundreds of immigrants and refugees in the greater Westbrook area (and surrounding communities) to achieve personal, social, and economic stability with the skills and tools needed to access essential community resources and make Maine their home. Financial sustainability from grant foundations, donors, and community organizations allows ICC’s programs and social services to be free and accessible to ICC families, students and the community.

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