Atlantic Black Box

Thursday, May 9, 2024
This month we are highlighting Atlantic Black Box. We encourage you to explore the work of Atlantic Black Box by visiting their website to explore their programs and resources or visiting the WHERE 2024 website.



Organization: Atlantic Black Box

Mission: Atlantic Black Box is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to grassroots historical recovery work. We empower communities throughout the Northeast to research and reckon with the region’s active role in colonization and slavery while recentering the stories of its historically marginalized groups.

Upcoming Program: Over the course of 2024, partners committed to surfacing the truths of colonization and oppression will engage with local communities on a journey across land and water in the place known for millennia by the Wabanaki people as the Dawnland. Together, we will shine a light on the ways that Indigenous, Black, and settler-descendent populations are represented—or not—in Maine’s commemorative landscape. Convened by the public history nonprofit Atlantic Black Box, the Walk for Historical & Ecological Recovery (WHERE) is a broad-based and community-engaged effort carried out in partnership with Wabanaki REACH, Indigo Arts Alliance, Community Change Inc., In Kinship Collective, The Third Place, Pejepscot Portage Mapping Project, York History Partners, Momentum Conservation, and Maine Black Community Development.

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