The Maine Philanthropy Center has evolved from its start as the Maine Grants Information Center (MGIC), which was established in 1995 through a cooperative arrangement between the University of Southern Maine and the Maine Community Foundation.

MGIC was created to:

  • Provide accurate and timely foundation, corporate, and government support information to the people of Maine
  • Provide training and informational resources and services to all individuals and organizations in pursuit of nonprofit, educational and philanthropic goals,
  • Further the cause of philanthropy in Maine.

The Maine Grants Information Center was built around the foundation library at USM and affiliated with the Foundation Center, the nation’s leading authority on foundation information. MGIC was focused on the needs of nonprofits seeking grants. In November of 1995, the first Philanthropy Partners Conference brought together 500 funders and nonprofits and announced its first Executive Director. In 1999, the customer focus shifted to include funders, and MGIC was renamed the Maine Philanthropy Center (MPC) to include the Maine Association of Grantmakers in its administrative responsibilities. At that time, MPC retained its role as a cooperating collection library of the Foundation Center and became affiliated with the Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers. The Center also became a partner with Giving New England to increase philanthropic resources in Maine.

The Maine Philanthropy Center’s mission is to provide leadership to promote philanthropy and increase its impact in Maine. This work is carried out through a range of activities, including:

  • Convening and facilitating interaction among Maine grantmakers
  • Providing grantmaker members with services that will increase and enhance their effectiveness as funders
  • Increasing knowledge, partnership and collaboration among funders to enhance the impact of grants made in Maine.
  • MPC also acts as a voice for philanthropy in Maine, works to raise the visibility of philanthropy, and brings together foundation and nonprofit leaders to expand philanthropy in Maine.

In honor of our long-term president Janet Henry's retirement, MPC created a three-part short video capturing the story of the Maine Philanthropy Center.

Early Years

Middle Years

Future of MPC