Foundation Giving in Maine - Executive Summary 2022 & 2023

Publication date: 
March 2024

[Corrected version now available.  In the original release, national giving for 2020 was incorrectly stated as increasing by 19%, now corrected to read 17%.  A statement in the original version about foundation giving in Maine in FY2021 dropping below 2019 levels has been corrected to read as dropping back down to 2019 levels.   This slight difference is due to an update in the inflation-adjustment calculation.  A few other minor formatting changes were also updated in the latest version.]

Read the executive summary for MPC's Foundation Giving in Maine reports for 2022 and 2023. Reflecting on giving from FY2020 and FY2021, this executive summary explores the reports' findings during two turbulent years, highlighting important takeaways on how foundations responded to the events during those years.

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2022 Foundation Giving in Maine


2023 Foundation Giving in Maine

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