FAQ: Get on the Map Grants Reporting Template

Publication date: 
June 2015

How can I easily find out more information about each of the fields?  One of the tabs in the templates is Field Description tab which you can refer to, but we also have that tab in a pdf format to make it simpler for you to refer to. Click here to download that form.

How could I find a nonprofit's EIN number if I do not collect that information? The National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities lists all nonprofits that file taxes with the United States.  You can look up organization by name and location, and the records include their EIN number as well as how the nonprofit is categorized by the IRS.

What is a Transaction Type? This field is is to desribe the type of grant given. If left blank the Foundation Center will assume a cash grant. If you are doing other types of funding such as in-kind donations or loans see the taxonomy for terms accepted.

Why is Geographic Area Served an important field and how do I use it?  This field allows you to tell the Foundation Center about the geographic location that will be the benefit from the funding as opposed to the where the nonprofit is located. If left blank, the grant will be coded as going to the location of the nonprofit.  If you are using this field please refer to the GeoTree taxonomy which is searchable and downloadable, or use a parent/child relationship to assure accuracy.  For example: Cumberland County, Maine or Portland, Maine as opposed to Portland.

Whose Fiscal Year does the field refer to? The Fiscal Year field is for the Foundation's fiscal year.  You can enter the year that the grant was PAID or AUTHORIZED to track funding.  Please be consistent year to year so the Foundation Center knows how you track your giving.  For Auhtorized amounts please share the duration of the grant in the Grant Duration fields.

How do we share information on a multi-year grant that is paid out over a number of years? See above question. If you choose to share paid amounts as opposed to authorized amounts simply indicate in the Description field that the payment is part of a multi year great and which payment you are recording.  If you are listing authorized grants instead of paid grants be sure to note that in the record and then note the duration of the grant. 

Is it better to list paid or authorized grants lists? The only way to edit data once it's been submitted to the Foundation Center is to contact the Foundation Center with the grants unique ID and ask them to edit the record.  Given that restriction we recommend funders only list grants that have been paid in full to avoid duplication and having to ask for edits.

If you are giving to an organization through a Fiscal Sponsor how do you indicate that in the fields? Please list the end recipient in the Recipient fields, and the Fiscal Sponsor's name in the Fiscal Agent field.  If the end recipient does not have a EIN list the Fiscal Agent's EIN if you are filling out that field.

Do you have a question not addressed in this FAQ?  Please contact Robert Burnet at robert@mainephilanthropy.org and we will assist you!