MPC launches inaugural Community Advisory Committee

Friday, January 7, 2022

Our members' experiences and ideas are crucial to creating a member driven organization and programming. We are so excited to launch this new committee to help inform our work here at MPC.

This committee will consist of MPC nonprofit, consultant, and funder members. We invite you to complete the nomination form to nominate yourself or others. Nominations are due February 9th and will be reviewed later in February. New members will be invited to join the first meeting in March. Please reach out to with any questions.

More information on Community Advisory Committee

Purpose of Committee: This committee will serve as a sounding board for MPC staff. Their primary responsibility will be to review annual member survey results and proposed programming plans. They will also be available to consult on ad-hoc issues (PPC, program selection through community RFP process, etc.)  and be a group MPC can use as volunteers if needed. This committee can also be a place for those who are eventually interested in Board service. Because this committee seek to equally represent nonprofits, consultants and funders, this committee will further our commitment to equity. It aims to dismantle unnecessary power structures and silos within our organization and membership and will hopefully result in shared power and input into programming.

How often will the committee meet?: Twice yearly and as needed. Meetings will potentially be held in March and September. During the September meeting, the member survey results and future year of programming will be the focus of the meeting and the March meeting will give space for reflection and progress reports.
How long is the commitment?: Members will be asked to commit to two years of service and can do three consecutive terms.
Size of Committee: 15-20 members made up of members from all parts of the MPC community. This committee will intentionally house approximately 45% nonprofit members and 45% funder members and 10% consultants or other professionals. Members can self-nominate or be nominated by others.
Committee Leadership: There will be a co-leadership model with a funder and nonprofit leader selected.

Investment in Committee Members: Nonfunder members will receive a stipend of $250/year.

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