Hudson Foundation Partners with Three Organizations Working to End Racial Bias

Thursday, July 10, 2014


The Hudson Foundation has selected three organizations as recipients of multi-year grants addressing issues of racial bias within our communities:  The Opportunity Alliance; Tree Street Youth and Somali Bantu Youth Association of Maine. The Hudson Foundation will partner with these three non-profits as they work together toward ending racial bias in Maine. 

The Opportunity Alliance, Portland

The OPEN Project through a partnership with the Hudson Foundation aims to address issues of racial bias in the Parkside neighborhood of Portland through intergenerational work empowering diverse youth leaders to build neighborhood unity and connections in partnership with neighborhood residents.  The project is a combined effort of several programs of The Opportunity Alliance and its community partners, using best practice approaches and community experiences in order to increase the capacity of youth of color to overcome barriers associated with racial bias. The project will leverage and build upon existing community engagement efforts in Parkside and will serve as an adaptable model for other neighborhoods. 

Tree Street Youth, Lewiston

Tree Street Youth will be using the funds donated by the Hudson Foundation in order to support an array of after school and summer programs that create an environment of staff awareness, youth involvement, and community collaboration focused on the goal of creating unity across lines of difference and eliminating racial bias through supporting and teaching all youth the skills necessary in tackling these difficult experiences and growing beyond them. 

Somali Bantu Youth Association of Maine, Lewiston

The funding from Hudson Foundation will be used to educate immigrant and refugee youth and their families about the juvenile justice system. SBYAM will hire, a full time youth coordinator who will be working with children and their families about the juvenile justice system. The youth coordinator will work with local Juvenile Community Corrections Officers, police departments, and community organizations.