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Board Member Spotlight: Ian Yaffe of Mano en Mano/Hand in Hand

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Maine Philanthropy Center is lucky to have a dedicated, engaged board, including two nonprofit representatives who bring helpful perspectives to the MPC's work.

Today we're introducing you to Ian Yaffe, the executive director of Mano en Mano/Hand in Hand. Mano en Mano’s mission is to work with farmworkers and immigrants so that they may settle and thrive in Maine. The organization provides access to essential services, advocacy, and community-building activities in the Milbridge area, as well as services to migrant students statewide in collaboration with the Maine Migrant Education Program.

Hello, Ian. Thanks for joining us during this busy time of year. Thinking back on 2017 as it winds down, what’s one interesting thing you learned recently?

This is pretty silly and I should have learned it a long time ago, but I recently learned how to use pivot tables and other data management/visualization tools in Excel. We create a lot of data for our programs and using more of Excel’s capabilities will help us do a better job of tracking services and determining their effectiveness, with less time on my part!

What drew you to join the MPC board?

I joined the MPC board to help further philanthropy in Maine as well as to represent nonprofit organizations at the table. In addition, I was drawn to the board because of the variety and depth of experiences of MPC’s board and staff members. Philanthropy is something that I care deep about and that I came to understand at a young age. The partnership between funders and nonprofits is always important to nurture and develop, especially in a “small” state like Maine.

What are you most excited about for the coming year?

I’m really excited to learn more about the organization and, in turn, to get a better understanding of the “other side of the table” in the funder and nonprofit relationship. In doing so, I hope to be able to contribute to MPC’s strategic plan and to help with planning for this spring's Philanthropy Partners Conference.

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