Community Centric Fundraising: Centering our Communities in Fundraising and Philanthropy

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 -
10:00am to 11:30am EDT
Virtual Meeting
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How do we center our communities in fundraising and philanthropy? The emerging movement of Community-Centric Fundraising seeks to create more equity within the non-profit and foundation industries in order to increase the effectiveness, connectedness, and equity of our sector’s unique challenges around money, power, and community.

This session will focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is donor-centric fundraising?
  • What is Community-Centric Fundraising?
  • Why is Community-Centric Fundraising important?
  • What are the principles of Community-Centric Fundraising?
  • What are the values of Community-Centric Fundraising?
  • How do some nonprofits try to enact Community-Centric Fundraising?
  • What can funders do to support nonprofits employing Community-Centric Fundraising principles?

There will be time for discussion and questions as well.


Dania Bowie, Development & Communications Coordinator, Maine Women’s Lobby

Dania (she/they) joined the Maine Women's Lobby team in 2020. Dania loves having conversations with people who have different lived experiences and perspectives. She hopes to bring people together in solidarity to center communities in problem-solving, as well as open up the conversation about who has power and resources in communities and why. Her fundraising focuses on bringing community-centric practices into non-profit development plans.

Dania is on the Political Education and Fundraising Committees for the Southern Maine Workers Center, as well as a volunteer for the Maine Association for New Americans and a new board member of Maine Inside Out.

In her spare time, Dania enjoys running, hiking, reading, and spending time with her partner and their three cats.

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