What About Gender? An Intersectional Approach to Equity in Maine

Maine Community Foundation

Room: Rhode Island Room

In 2022, the Maine Women's Fund, the only foundation in Maine focused exclusively on gender equity, transferred its assets to the Maine Community Foundation. This transition provides an opportunity to consider how we utilize these funds to address gender equity in Maine moving forward. This session will use a facilitated conversation format to hear about current gender equity issues and efforts and how they intersect with other equity and justice work. The goals of this session are to learn about gender equity work in Maine and how to bring together and take action for racial, economic, age, and gender justice.


  • Jess Maurer, Maine Council on Aging
  • Victoria Morales, Quality Housing Coalition
  • Peace Mutesi, Quality Housing Coalition
  • Adrienne Carmack, Hardy Girls
  • Sarah Doore, Folks Organizing Reform for Queer Spaces and Feminist Action Board member
  • Laura Lee, Maine Community Foundation
  • Gabrielle Gallucci, Maine Women’s Fund Transition Team
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 1:15pm EDT