Housing as the Starting Place: Bringing Services to Where People Reside

John T. Gorman Foundation

Room: Rhode Island Room

Housing has emerged as an urgent crisis in Maine, with affordable and accessible housing at a premium throughout the State. For families with access to housing, co-locating supportive services - employment, education, healthcare and others - within the housing location itself allows for increased, streamlined and coordinated access. Further, supportive services can be better tailored to and informed by the needs of resident families. The panel will highlight the partnerships and two-generation models at three different housing locations. Each model is part of the John T. Gorman Foundation’s support for two-generational approaches, built on the theory that positive outcomes for children are greatly facilitated by strengthening the family structures which support them. The models presented highlight how the urgency of housing needs can be addressed concurrently with other critical domains of wellbeing, providing safe, stable environments which promote opportunities for parents and children to thrive.


  • Jennifer Beck, PhD, John T. Gorman Foundation
  • Leah Bruns, Portland Housing Authority
  • Melissa Skahan, Northern Light Mercy   
  • Claudette Ndayininahaze, In Her Presence
  • Nick Kjeldgaard, Avesta Housing
  • Nadia Cyuzuzo, Avesta Housing
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 10:30am EDT