MPC Publication Submission Guidelines

Publication date: 
September 2018

The Maine Philanthropy Center (MPC)’s mission is to “advance the effectiveness of philanthropy in Maine and its ability to make a meaningful difference.” In light of that goal, we view the Center’s print and electronic publications—which include, but are not limited to, newsletters, websites, social media sites and feeds, white papers, and reports—as channels for disseminating information that (1) educates the public about philanthropy and/or (2) helps Maine’s funders and nonprofits learn, build relationships, and collaborate.  

As a networked organization, the Maine Philanthropy Center is pleased to work with its members in efforts to bolster knowledge about Maine’s philanthropic landscape. We thus will consider including in MPC publications content that is generated or suggested by MPC members. We reserve the right to consider and publish such content at our discretion.  The attached policies offer guidance as to the types of information we prioritize in our publishing decisions.

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