Land Acknowledgements

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February 2021

MPC believes that we must honor the history and context of our work so that we can work to repair the harm done to our tribal communities - to this end, we are sharing our land acknowledgment and resources for you to develop your own statement:

Dawnland Signals 11/19/20: Land Acknowledgments

Critical conversations of truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland

Land Acknowledgments
-The origin of the new found interest in land acknowledgements
-Different types of land acknowledgments
-Appropriate ways to do a land acknowledgement

Guests: Dr. Darren Ranco, Penobscot, Chair Native American Programs, UMaine; Diane Oltrazewski, Belfast resident, Maine-Wabanaki REACH Board.

Maine Wabanaki-REACH

Acknowledging the Land by Maria Girouard, Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions from the Conservation Community about Wabanaki Tribes and engagement with Wabanaki Tribes

Should my organization do a land acknowledgement, and how?

  • Read these articles that weigh the pros, cons, and limitations of land acknowledgements, from Indigenous perspectives.
  • Reflect on your motivations for doing a land acknowledgement.
  • Educate yourself through First Light and the Conservation Community Delegation about the land your organization currently stewards and its value to Wabanaki people, without asking too much of Tribal members.
  • Accept that land acknowledgment alone is not enough. It’s merely a starting point for deeper engagement and allyship with local tribes.
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