Point32Health shares Corporate Citizenship Report: Creating a Shared Future

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Point32Health has shared its first-ever Point32Health Corporate Citizenship Report: Creating a Shared Future.

"The report highlights stories covering philanthropic grants, community engagement, volunteering, how we support colleagues in their giving, and taking the lead on issues that matter to our communities, our members and our colleagues. It demonstrates the undeniable power of collaboration and innovation. It features business practices focusing on equity and inclusion; products and services addressing health disparities; and relevant and responsive community engagement. It tells the story of how we are building toward a shared vision and eliminating barriers to the health and well-being for everyone.

While we are the reporters, Creating a Shared Future represents the collective effort of colleagues across the Point32Health family of companies and many community organizations with whom we serve.  We are proud and privileged to share it with you."

To learn more about Point32Health's Corporate Citizenship Report, visit the Point32Health Foundation website.

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