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MPC Member Spotlight: Gilda Nardone of New Ventures Maine

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We asked Gilda Nardone, Executive Director of New Ventures Maine, seven questions about her work in Maine. Here's what she said:

Gilda Nardone

1. What’s your favorite part of winter in Maine?

It’s very odd that we are having such a warm fall and winter. I love the snow and like to snow shoe, cross country ski, and hike in the beautiful Maine woods. I trust the snow will come at some point!

2. What conversation do you wish funders and nonprofits were having more often?

I would like to see more focus on collaboration towards common goals and complementing each other’s work with less competition for resources on the part of both nonprofits and funders. Another critical issue is the retirement of long-time nonprofit and funder leadership and laying the groundwork for a smooth transition for the next generation.

3. Who inspires you?

I am inspired every day by the stories of struggle and success of the people we serve who are experiencing life transitions and our staff who meet them where they are and provide guidance and support for next steps towards a more promising future.

I’m also inspired by Olympia Snowe who served and continues to serve our state with vision and grace and is now focusing on leadership of high school girls.

4. What challenge have you been grappling with lately?

It’s challenging to keep the big picture in mind as we provide services day to day and figure out how we can be most effective in helping Maine people and families move out of poverty towards financial stability and economic opportunity.

5. What are you most excited about in your work right now?

Our work with the CA$H Coalitions statewide to address the above challenge by coordinating and providing free tax assistance, financial education, matched savings, and other asset building opportunities (

6. What do you value most about being an MPC member?

Access to information, relationships, resources, and best practices in Maine and beyond.

7. What one thing do you wish people knew about your organization or mission?

In 2016, New Ventures Maine (formerly Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community) has launched a new name and brand…with the same mission, vision, and values. We help people all over the state venture in new directions by offering tuition-free programs for career, business, and financial education. Please visit our website:

New Ventures Maine staff and ambassadors

New Ventures Maine's Mission

The mission of New Ventures Maine is helping individuals succeed in the Maine economy and achieve economic security for themselves and their families. We achieve our mission by providing training and individual coaching in planning a career, starting a business, managing money and building assets, and developing leaders.

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