March Will Be A Busy Time for Advocacy

Friday, March 2, 2018


Congress’ Appropriations Committees will be negotiating around an omnibus appropriations bill.* This will be an opportunity for legislators who want to weaken or repeal the Johnson Amendment (the part of federal tax policy that prohibits nonprofits from engaging in partisan politics) via a rider. We’ll be advocating against such efforts. In the meantime, hearings will be held on the 2019 budget.

Maine is sending a delegation to the Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) event in March. John Shoos (Sam. L. Cohen Foundation and MPC Board President), Cherie Galyean (Maine Community Foundation), Ruta Kadonoff (Maine Health Access Foundation), Barbara Edmond, and I will be attending this annual gathering of foundations from across the country and meeting with Maine's Congressional delegation.
We’ll also be keeping an eye on Maine’s discussion about whether and how to conform with the recent federal tax changes in the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Jenn Gray
Director of Advocacy
Maine Philanthropy Center
* Omnibus spending bills "contain multiple proposed statutes, appropriations or amendments within a single document. Essentially, omnibus bills are a consolidation of multiple bills, often times funding measures for different government agencies or departments, that will be voted on and treated as a single provision, rather than separately." (
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