MaineCF awards nearly $220,000 in grants to 24 nonprofits statewide

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Maine Community Foundation has awarded $219,800 in community-building grants to 24 nonprofits across Maine through its Statewide Fund.

Grant recipients include:

  • Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, to pilot decision-support resources for coastal communities to develop the skills, knowledge, and processes needed to implement actionable plans to respond to sea-level rise
  • Maine Coast Fishermen's Association, Brunswick, to create a guide for fishermen that provides information and resources about mental health, wellness, and well being
  • OUT Maine, Rockland, to develop trainings – for boards of directors of youth organizations and for school boards – to educate decisionmakers on how to create safety for LGBTQ+ youth.

MaineCF recognizes that many nonprofits are facing new challenges and making important changes to their work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of this, all Community Building grant recipients are able to use these grants at their discretion. They may use the grants to fund the work that they proposed in their application or use the funding to address other important and emerging organizational expenses.

The Statewide Fund is a permanent endowment that supports organizations that apply for multi-county projects. Applications go through MaineCF’s Community Building Grant Program and are reviewed by a committee of leaders. The next proposal deadline is February 15, 2021. The application, guidelines and a complete list of 2020 grants can be found at

The Statewide Fund is built through donations from the community. If you would like more information about the fund, please contact Director of Strategic Learning Cherie Galyean at or (207) 412-2017.

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