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Maine Philanthropy Center seeks proposals for branding and website redesign

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

About MPC

The Maine Philanthropy Center (MPC) is an association of grantmakers   and grantees with the mission to provide opportunity, leadership, and support to advance the effectiveness of philanthropy in Maine. MPC promotes shared learning and collaborative action among a network of 70+ grantmaker members and 300+ nonprofit and consultant members. Central to our work is the belief that the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusivity practices is imperative to success.

Since its inception, MPC has also served as a bridge between the grantmaking community and the nonprofit sector, through interactive programs, informational resources such as the Directory of Maine Grantmakers, workshops on foundation research, and the popular biennial Philanthropy Partners Conference. MPC provides additional support for over 300 associate members, including nonprofit organizations and consultants and advisors to the field of philanthropy.

Website primary audiences 

  • Current members – including foundations, nonprofits, philanthropic advisors, consultants, and philanthropic individuals
  • Prospective members

Website secondary audiences

  • Policymakers
  • Partner organizations
  • Local media
  • Community members

About this project

MPC is planning to launch a redesigned website ( in summer 2023. Our current website is built on Drupal 7 and integrated with Salesforce; this custom integration platform is actively maintained through our collaborative partner, United Philanthropy Forum.  Our existing Drupal 7-Salesforce platform is being completely overhauled for Drupal 8 – a transition that provides an ideal opportunity to undertake a redesign of our public-facing website.

The new website design will be contingent upon the completion of our rebranding work.  We have completed the language component of this rebrand  , and the visual component is our next priority.

Summary of needs

  • Values-aligned visual branding and assets for the organization. MPC has existing brand language so our focus with this process is visual including a new logo, color, brand guidelines, typography, etc.
  • Design specifications and assets for MPC website that features a clean, modern look and feel and an intuitive user experience.


Our overall objective for the new site is to better support our mission and show clear alignment with our current strategic framework which is divided into four major areas:

  • Advance Learning
  • Build Community
  • Model Leadership
  • Strengthen Advocacy

These four areas, connected by a common value of equity, define our work, both internally among staff and board members and externally with our members and broader network.

Our goal is for our mission, values, and strategic priorities to be evident in how users experience the new site.

Additional objectives supporting the broad objective stated above include:

  • Greater visibility and use of our resource library
  • Modernized, responsive layout with a more intuitive and accessible user experience
  • Home page and navigation that aligns with our strategic framework
  • Increased member retention and growth via improved prospective member area and renewal pipeline
  • More informative, engaging user profile area


The scope of this work falls into four major sections—an initial discovery phase, followed by visual branding, wireframing, and finally completed designs and accompanying assets.

Discovery & Branding

A brief discovery period will inform visual branding and website design work.  This will, at minimum, include review and common understanding of MPC’s mission, vision, values, strategic framework, audiences, and objectives for the new website.

Informed by the discovery phase, the selected design agency (hereafter, “Agency”) will develop visual branding guidelines and related assets for MPC, including a new logo, colors, and fonts.


Basic wireframes detailing responsive page layouts/structure for the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • News (index & detail)
  • Events (index & detail + registration forms/pages)
  • Product display
  • Cart pages
  • Resources (index and detail)
  • User management pages (login, create, password reset, My Account/Profile view/edit, my organization edit, my registrations, and my orders)
  • Member directory (index and detail)
  • Directory of Maine Grantmakers (index and detail)
  • Contact Us
  • Search results (sitewide, context-specific i.e. resources)
  • Jobs (index & detail + new job post form)
  • Basic page
  • Taxonomy (list & detail)
  • Membership application and renewal forms
  • Default form for new products

This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change but captures the majority of the site components needing wireframing and design.

All wireframes should meet or exceed minimum accessibility standards (level A) of the latest WCAG.

Wireframes must first be approved by our platform partner before proceeding to more detailed design mockups.


  • Mockups of the approved wireframes that incorporate visual branding, including an interactive prototype of the home page.
  • All designs should meet or exceed the minimum accessibility standards (level A) of the latest WCAG.
  • Graphic design as needed for high value pages

Design mockups must first be approved by our platform partner prior to finalization.

Related Design Assets

In addition to approved sets of wireframes and design mockups, the Agency should provide MPC with related source design files, including:

  • Font files
  • Professional style guide
  • Paid fonts (with detailed information in the style guide)
  • All original files and layers
  • Preferred formats: Sketch, Photoshop, Zeplin, or any files that developers can easily convert to these formats. All submitted designs should also contain PDFs and JPG/PNG so staff can open files without purchasing the aforementioned applications.
  • Written narrative describing expected functionality or interaction is a must to avoid the unnecessary back-and-forth questions about the drop-down behavior, hover over effects, etc.

Desired qualifications

  • A company with a strong commitment to equity
  • Has experience designing interactive, membership-based organizational website
  • A plus, has experience with Drupal 8


  • December 20: RFP is released
  • January 27: RFPs are due and final selection is made
  • March 30: wireframes complete and approved by our platform developers
  • June 1: final design specifications, mockups, and related assets completed and approved by our platform developers

Your Proposal

Schedule an initial call

To express your interest in this project and determine if this project is a good fit for you and MPC, please contact Jeannette Andre ( to schedule a brief call to discuss your interest, prior to preparing or sending a proposal. Suitable candidates will then be encouraged to send a full proposal, as detailed below.

Proposal requirements

(For candidates that have completed the initial suitability discussion and were encouraged to send a detailed proposal)

No more than three (3) written pages or 15 brief PowerPoint slides with the following information:

  • Contact information (name, email, website, phone number)
  • Tell us about you – the individual – or your consulting firm; what are your differentiators? Why should MPC work with you?
  • Share your philosophy for incorporating racial equity and justice in your work
  • What steps will you take to effectively learn about MPC and launch this new project?
  • Examples of work that align within the scope
  • Detailed explanation of each step from beginning to final work product
  • Who is going to be staffing the project, their role, and experience
  • Three recent client references for previous branding and web design (name, company, email, phone number, staff size)
  • Anticipated costs for this project
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