Learning Cohort for Philanthropy Professionals about Equity in Grantmaking

Friday, March 2, 2018


Ever since the 2017 Funders Forum with Laura Ligouri, we have been thinking about implicit bias and contemplating the possibility of developing a dedicated, multi-session learning cohort for folks who would like to further explore justice and equity in grant-making. At this point in time, we are assessing whether there is enough interest within Maine's funder network for this type of exploration.

  • We do not yet know what the group's exact structure, agenda, and/or content might look like. In planning, we also will look to leaders in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion for guidance. We also will solicit participant input and try to tailor the group to meet members' interests and needs.
  • Similarly, we do not yet know what the cost of this opportunity will be, since it will depend upon the group's size and needs.


With those caveats in mind, let Alyssa know if the opportunity to participate in—or at least learn more about—such a hypothetical group interests you. You can reach her by phone (207) 228-8289 or email (alyssa@mainephilanthropy.org).


  • Participation in the 2017 Funders Forum will not be a prerequisite for participation in the learning cohort. If the opportunity interests you, be in touch—regardless of whether you attended the Forum.
  • We are not asking for solid commitments at this time. We simply are attempting to pull together a list of folks who might like to explore what this opportunity could look like.

Thanks for your consideration.