Clowes Fund announces officers and directors

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Members of The Clowes Fund, Inc. met recently and elected three new directors to its board: Daniel Clowes, Williamstown, Massachusetts; Una Osili, Indianapolis, Indiana and Veronica Serrato, Sanford, Maine.

The board re-elected the following as directors and officers:

  • Ben W. Blanton, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Edith Bowles, Washington D.C., Vice President
  • Aidan Clowes, Putney, Vermont
  • Alec Clowes, Mammoth Lakes, California, Treasurer
  • Douglas Clowes, Bolton, Massachusetts
  • Edith Clowes, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Jonathan Clowes, Cushing, Maine, President
  • Samuel Huneke, Washington, D.C., Secretary
  • Carolyn Osteen, Boston, Massachusetts

In addition, the board re-appointed Executive Director Beth Casselman as Assistant Secretary and Program Manager Erin Trisler as Assistant Treasurer.

The Clowes Fund is a family foundation based in Indianapolis that has awarded grants of more than $125 million since 1952.  Its board includes two generations of Clowes family members and community representatives with skills related to its fiduciary responsibilities and its grantmaking priorities, both geographically – Indianapolis, and certain areas in northern New England – as well as fields of interest intent upon building a just and equitable society with a focus on support for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.