Environmental Funders Network

The Environmental Funders Network (EFN) is a forum for funders interested in Maine’s natural environment, its connection with Maine communities, and its intersection with health, education, and racial and social justice. EFN supports learning opportunities, funder connections, and explores ways for working together to accomplish more significant impact.

EFN is a nonpartisan organization and often plays the role of a neutral convener. Since its inception in 2005, EFN has:

  • held forums for funders on environmental and funding topics, typically 1-2 per year.
  • designed and completed a collaborative funding initiative focused on advancing Maine’s Quality of Place between 2009-2011, which raised and distributed over $1.5 million in grants, and continued the initiative through grants supporting place-based collaborations in Lewiston-Auburn and Downeast.
  • explored opportunities, convened funders and synergized funding to support the Katahdin Collaborative’s implementation of the Katahdin Gazetteer: A Roadmap to the Future initiative in the Millinocket region.
  • supported the work of the Climate Change Funders Forum to increase shared understanding of climate-related issues and to advance opportunities for aligning grant making and other investments.
  • and  currently, supported funder education and funding opportunities in nature-based education in concert with some of the state’s leading organizations in this field.

An active Steering Committee, composed of foundation staff, trustees, and MaineCF donor advisors provides strategic direction and management of EFN, including planning future programmatic initiatives. As a group, we respect diverse philanthropic interests and perspectives and engage in candid communication that builds trust and collegiality. We engage the expertise and experience of organizations and individuals that share our program focus areas. EFN’s Steering Committee welcomes inquiries from funders regarding desired education programs. 

EFN operates under the auspices of the Maine Philanthropy Center, and is staffed by a contracted coordinator.  EFN does not solicit grant applications and does not have the capacity to offer guidance or suggestions to those seeking funds. For more detailed information on funding sources, you may wish to consider the Maine Philanthropy Center’s Directory of Maine Grantmakers and other resources found at www.mainephilanthropy.org.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, we send out periodic announcements for upcoming events and facilitated funder conversations, news about supporting the work we engage in, and other relevant, timely information. These communications are intended to facilitate our shared interests. Any interested funders may join by simply sending an email to the EFN Coordinator.

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