Maine Philanthropy Center

Building Connections for Maine Grantmakers

Funder Initiatives

The Maine Philanthropy Center strives to advance the effectiveness of philanthropy in Maine and its ability to make a meaningful difference.

We are committed to a number of Maine funder efforts or initiatives as a way of increasing the effectiveness of philanthropy in Maine.

Public Policy

MPC feels strongly that there is great value in funders being engaged in public policy on the state and national levels. In 2014 MPC convened a Public Policy Task Team charged with developing recommendations for how MPC can best support and enhance the public policy work of our philanthropic network. Read more about the task team here

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills around diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and practices is another key way for philanthropy to be more effective in Maine.

Get on the Map

Third, we believe that access to rich, detailed, accurate data about philanthropic giving in Maine will help philanthropy to be more effective. Through the "Get on the Map" intiative, MPC funder members contribute to and have access to a powerful map of Maine giving. 

Funder Network Groups

Finally, at MPC we believe that fostering relationships and increase opportunities for learning, alignment, and collaborative action is an important part of increasing funder effectiveness. There are a number of existing funder Network groups, and we can help funders connect with those groups. 

Environmental Funders Network

Early Childhood Funders Group

Education Funders Network

Immigrant and Refugee Funders Group

Maine Oral Health Funders