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Partner Event: A Trust-Based Framework for Learning and Evaluation in Philanthropy

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm EST
Virtual Meeting
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Presented by Trust Based Philanthropy Project

“What does it look like to measure impact in trust-based philanthropy?”

This is by far the most frequently asked question from funders who are curious about trust-based philanthropy. For a sector that relies heavily on measurable, project-specific outcomes as proof of money well spent, the impact question can be a huge stumbling block in the journey of adopting trust-based philanthropy.  

However, once we address some underlying assumptions and reframe our focus on impact measurement as an opportunity to learn about what is working and what’s not, the possibilities are endless. Join the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project and the Center for Evaluation Innovation in an interactive webinar where we’ll explore three concrete ways to approach learning and evaluation in a trust-based context:

  1. Learning for Accountability: Assessing how well you and your team are building trust and relationships with grantee partners, and how well your practices reflect your values.
  2. Learning for Decision-Making: Learning about and tracking grantees’ work, challenges, and opportunities as a way to inform your grantmaking strategy and practices and capture stories of progress.
  3. Learning for Long-Term Impact: Taking a long view on your foundation’s social impact goals (every 5-10 years) that helps you understand progress toward the bigger picture.

We’ll hear from three foundation executives who have been implementing one or more of the above approaches to learn about their work and improve over time, while keeping their boards engaged on the big picture. Participants can expect to walk away with greater clarity of understanding about their organization’s contribution to social change on a wider scale, as well as concrete ideas on how to begin operationalizing a learning mindset among staff and trustees alike.

Who should attend:

  • Foundation staff and individual donors who are actively working on adopting or deepening trust-based philanthropic culture and practices.
  • Evaluation staff of foundations who are looking for tools to embed more trust-based approaches within their current evaluation frameworks.
  • Foundation executives who are working to advance trust-based philanthropy but hitting roadblocks with trustees or staff.


For more information and to register, visit the event page.

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