Maine Philanthropy Center

Building Connections for Maine Grantmakers

Building Connections

Build Connections among Grantmakers
MPC builds connections within the grantmaking community through conferences, programs, workshops, corporate and family philanthropy roundtables, consultations, and direct referrals.
To build connections among Grantmakers, MPC offers:

  • Peer networking
  • Information tailored to member needs
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Knowledge of Maine’s philanthropic landscape
  • Professional development for staff and trustees.


Build Connections to Local, Regional and National Resources
MPC builds connections to a range of resources through one-on-one support, connections to other grantmakers, and the MPC library.  Through web-based resources, members have access to:

  • Best practices
  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • Giving trends

We also consult with foundations and companies developing or revising their grantmaking  process and assist out-of-state foundations that want to learn more about grantmaking in Maine.

Build Connections with Maine Nonprofits
MPC builds bridges for grantmakers and nonprofits by offering opportunities for them to meet outside the grantmaking process, through our Meet the Funders Series, the Philanthropy Partners Conference and our Annual Meeting.
MPC also holds one of the state’s largest reference libraries for grantseekers, as well as maintaining a network of affiliated libraries across the state.