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We live in a historical moment that can be complex and daunting.

Today’s political and economic landscapes are filled with uncertainty, and the work of bettering our communities can feel difficult and isolating.

But nonprofits and funders can make things better.

When we are bold, take risks, and work together, we have the power to solve problems in Maine.

Especially when we draw on inspiration close to home.

At “Moving Beyond This Moment,” you will meet, be encouraged by, and learn from colleagues who are using resilience, inventiveness, and collaboration to transform our state.



The 2018 Philanthropy Partners Conference will:

  • Bring together more than 400 funders and nonprofit leaders from across Maine.
  • Offer opportunities for participants to learn together, exchange ideas, and speak frankly about shared issues and current challenges.
  • Bolster the strength, connectivity, capacity, and effectiveness of Maine’s philanthropy and nonprofit networks.


The day will provide opportunities to not only assess where you and your organization stand right now, but also envision where you hope to be in the future. What challenges are you currently facing—and how might the tools of courage, creativity, and community help you overcome them, increase your effectiveness, and grow your capacity and power?

We believe that answers to those questions already exist in Maine, which is why we're pleased to announce that Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz will kick off the day by sharing stories of courage, creativity, and community gleaned during his travels around the state. Together with other inspiring speakers, he will highlight homegrown heroes and innovators, prove that we don't need to look very far for examples of amazing initiatives, and help build connections between people and organizations advancing the social good in Maine.